Saturday, 18 April 2015

Real Men Love And Protect Women

Kate and Jide have been married for over six years now. It has been one filled with joys and pains, expectations, anxiety, and yes, sometimes silent anger at everybody; even at God who has kept them without a child until now despite their faithfulness to his course. 

Soon after their wedding Kate developed a strange abdominal pain that was intermittent. It kept them worrying what could happen next.

The first hospital they visited surely made a wrong diagnosis and this accounted for Kate not getting the right treatment on time. It was about the third hospital which finally told Jide that the wife had Leiomyomas commonly known as fibroids and would need to have a surgery done before she could be able to conceive.

After 6 years, it was a long tough time for both husband and wife who both passed through a lot at the hand of friends and families because of childlessness. They had their peculiar quarrels sometimes but always had their way of resolving issues.Jide really loved his wife and did everything to protect her especially from his family and friends. Kate too had her own challenges as her own crew of friends insinuated strongly that her husband was the cause of their childlessness. 
She almost acted on the advice sometime much later butfor the care and reassurance of her husband who was unaware of what his wife was on the verge of doing.

Despite all the odds they have both faced as a couple, one particular incidence stood out that showed just how far Jide could go to protect his wife and show how much he loved her. 

It was on a Sunday after service that they had a surprise visit by the regional pastor of their church and wife who had also come with a couple of friends to see Jide and wife and to rejoice with them on Kate’s successful surgery.

The aroma of egusi soup pervaded not only the room but one could perceive the tantalizing from across the compound. Obviously every single living thing in that expansive sitting room wouldn’t deny salivating at one time during that anticipatory stay in the there. The jumbo sized plasma TV was alive with news of Secretary John Kerry’s visit to the state of Israel. Pastor Akin, an ebullient young man and very effervescent usually entertains his listeners with his use of words. He kept everyone in that room laughing immediately they finished praying.

Kate had been there for a while, then quietly disappeared into the kitchen where soon afterwards those tempting aroma started sifting into the dining room, first it was gentle but now it couldn’t be ignored and everyone obviously was ready for the next line of action-descending on the dish that has been causing this silent rumbles in the guts of this little assembly. Kate was obviously at work doing one of the things she’s a pro at-cooking.
Behind the dining chair on the Westside of the room, the curtain parted and Kate peeped through and with their traditional eye contact code, Jide excused himself and was soon with his wife in the kitchen. Stove was off, soup pot on the desk; her eyes were glazed and red. She had been crying and looked sad and exhausted, “What’s the matter sweetie, please talk to me?” Jide queried anxiously, holding her close to him and wiping he face with the inside of his T-shirt. She sobbed again. “Please talk to me.I don’t want to raise my voice here”, said Jide.

With tearful eyes again she told her husband that she had inadvertently over salted the long anticipated egusi soup. Implication is that the soup can only be smelled but no one in that room could taste it and remain in that nice mood again till the end of that little gathering.
Ever tasted some over salted meal or soup before? 

It’s horrible and you immediately created an unfavorable image of the cook. Not always too good and Jide would not allow any of that about his wife.
To prevent any anxiety in the sitting room he shot in and told them he’d soon join them with the food with his wife. Jide had immediately planned that he wasn’t going to expose his wife to any insult or unkind thoughts. 
He asked her to take water and other drinks to the table while he brought the soup. Just as Jide stepped down onto the adjoining space before the dining room, he let the entire soup bowl to drop and spilled.
On hearing the sound the guys in the sitting room all rushed to the scene to behold the long anticipated delicacy dumped on the Mable floor! End of discussion. 

The host apologized while attention was on ensuring that he wasn’t upset because of what had just happened. Everybody’s' attention was swerved from the food to soothing the pain of their host who had just tripped and lost his pot of soup diligently prepared for his visitors.Anyway, an alternative had to be the drinks already served a generous supply of assorted fruits which was never in short supply in Jide’s fridge.

Everyone was happy, though that soup should have known that it was needed and that we considered it essential.

To Jide, his wife’s respect and self-esteem was of much more value than soup and visitors' reactions or thoughts about food. Real man? Yes.I think he was. What do you say?

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