Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Keep Your Budget Intact by Preparing for These Three Common Pitfalls

Many times we have tried to stick make a budget to help us plan our lives well but severally,we failed to stick to those plans.Its not particular to one person but to almost all of us.It happens to even the most "organises "person you know. There are however some folks who obviously are making budgets and sticking with it and we know from the stability of their life and business that they are doing it well.

there are certain serious pitfalls you should avoid if you really need to succeed.
Not knowing or doing these will not only scatter your budget but would stabilize whatever budget you have planned.

  • Emergencies: A solid emergency fund should definitely be a part of your budget plan. Car problems happen, as do lay-offs and unexpected doctor’s visits and vet bills. Not being prepared for these can easily cause you to wreck your budget, and that can lead to desperate financial moves. Even if you only sock away a few bucks here and there to build an emergency fund, it’s important to make this part of your plan.
  • Irregular expenses: And then there are all of those irregular expenses you forget about: birthdays, holidays, car insurance premiums, etc. These expenses can be pricey, and they can throw your budget for a loop. When drafting your budget, make sure to look beyond your monthly bills and consider all of your quarterly, annual, and bi-annual expenses, too. Or, consider setting up a separate budget just for unexpected expenses that pop up.

  • Small purchases that add up: A few bucks here and there might not seem like a lot, but it can add up and put a big dent in your spending plan. This is why it’s important to account for every dollar.
We’ve discussed these pitfalls in one way or another before, but it’s useful to know exactly what they are so you can create a solid defence for your budget. Check out Trea’s full post at the link below.
 success in anything we do in life doesn’t come by chance.There is usually a well thought out plan for successes recorded.And when it comes to our personal or business budgeting,we would do well to follw a tested format or rules that will help us succeed.