Monday, 11 April 2016

Australia Introduces New $5 Note and The People HATE IT! Check Out Reactions

It can happen anywhere,so I have come to see that humans are same,no matter the color or geography.We all act almost same in different situations we face.

I imagine that same reaction trailed the introduction of the 50 bucks note in my country too,and now Australians are hating on the new 5 bucks introduced by their government.

Australia's brand spanking new five dollar note has been revealed and the public is outright hating on it. 
The latest version of the note has some of the same features of the old note: Queen Elizabeth, purple hues and the size. It's the toilet brush-like wattle, the fact that the Queen in her old age is still on the note and the Ken Done swimsuit design that are the main issues people have with the latest iteration. 
Let's not even mention that the dirty whale trick — which brought joy to a generation — is no longer. 

Some of the changes include a new "tactile" feature that will help the vision impaired find their way around certain notes, and a "top to bottom window" down the middle of the note — decorated with the Prickly Moses wattle and the Eastern spinebill bird that harks back to an old Australian-themed jumper from the '80s.
The note has been labelled "hideous," a "monstrosity" and an "abomination," to put it lightly.