Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spotlight: For Crestwood game-maker, finish line brings joy to loss

Races are run in stages and on various courses, and everyone’s ends at a different time.
For Kim and Ryan McDaniel, they snagged one of the dreams they chased when they started Across The Board, a company that manufactures board games.
In their first nine years of marriage, as she worked in marketing and he toiled in construction, the south St. Louis County couple would sit on their patio and talk about being their own bosses.

They were not, however, exactly sure what they would be the boss of, until 2008.
That’s when Ryan’s mother introduced them to a board game with a horse-racing theme at a family game night.
Ryan, a well-known perfectionist and woodworking hobbyist, immediately disliked the game.

“He didn’t like that it didn’t take into account the odds of rolling certain dice; he didn’t like the way it was built; and there were other things he didn’t like,” she said with a smile.

So some days later, he went into the garage, found some good wood and created his own game. Then he made a few copies for family and friends.