Saturday, 7 September 2013

How To Create a Perfect Relationship

 Perfect relationships do not just happen. It does not come out from the sky. What you call perfect relationship is perfectly subjective. Meaning that it means different things to different people but in all, everyone wants happiness and peace of mind; everyone want a relationship where love, faithfulness and trust reigns supreme. How can it be built? Truth is that you can actually build one.

 The spiritual energy within is what radiates from individuals giving off that primal physical connection we call chemistry. How many times have you looked at someone and said to yourself, "they are perfectly glowing today". That glowing is the spiritual relationship that they have with themselves radiating outward. Everyone desires the "perfect" relationship. The trouble is that the "perfect" relationship is not something you can buy or acquire. Any relationship can become the "perfect" one for you if you follow some basic guidelines.

1. Honesty. Be yourself. The biggest mistake made in relationships is trying to sugar coat the real personality that you are. If you be who you really are inside, you will find the perfect partner that will love you for just the person you are. Do not pretend to be something or someone else you are not because in the long run, you will be discovered.
2. Communicate. I have come to know from experience that any relationship will die rapidly without communication. One other unfortunate reality is that couples soon after marriage tends to take themselves for granted and stop communicating. It’s a dangerous mistake because those who do it usually regret. There are very few people who can read others minds. Do not assume that your partner was supposed to know what you meant or how you feel in any situation. If you do not communicate your thoughts and feelings, your partner may never know how you really feel.

3. Keep Intimacy Alive. In a brand new relationship it comes natural to be intimate with one another. That chemistry is one of the laws of attraction that connected you in the first place. Sexual intimacy is strongly discouraged here unless you are married. Life will step in and most fall into the rut of complacency, forgetting to take the time out for intimacy. For a successful relationship this time out is a MUST.
4. Patience. More times than not, in any situation we want the end result now. Every relationship worth having takes time and effort to develop and grow. Impatience is detested even by the most impatient person in the other man, so learning to be patient will help you quite a lot. Have the patience, be it a new relationship just sprouting or one that you are nurturing the blooms. Let time become a wonderful and blissful state to be in.
5. Commitment. A relationship worth having takes work. Both partners need to have the commitment to apply the first four ideals.
    All relationships have three different aspects to them. The three aspects need to be aligned and balanced in order to create the "perfect" relationship for you. 

1. The physical aspect is usually the easiest. The bonding physically is where many people stop in working on the relationship, never taking the time to realize the other two missing aspects.
2.    The emotional aspect is vastly misunderstood. Many believe that if they are not happy or "perfectly" blissful, they are not in the right relationship. The emotional aspects of a relationship also require the application of the five simple ideals given above. Without applying communication and honesty there is now way a relationship can be had on an emotional basis.
3.    The last aspect is spiritual. Every relationship is a spiritual one. Even the relationship a person has with themselves is spiritual in nature. All relationships that you may have with co workers to the most intimate relationship you have with a partner have deeper meanings and purposes that as individuals we may not understand.