Friday, 13 September 2013

When The One You Liked Got Married

Here it happens again. You read in the books that it could happen and has been happening but you never believed it could happen to you until that day. This guy was simply the ideal man you have been wishing will someday you’d be blessed with. He is the type every girl dreams to have as a husband. All the qualities you cherished were very obvious and most importantly he was very jovial and very friendly too.

 You were admiring him from a distance but fate brought you together when he suddenly was moved to your unit and you saw him and interacted daily. It was then, that you came to see more of his innate nice qualities. The more you saw him, the more you wished he would talk to you. 

You just found yourself wanting to talk with him and you can’t explain the kind of feeling you have inside. Jide was a likeable man not only in the company but even in the street where he lived. He also loved to talk to you but you noticed a certain restrain and reverence he had for women.
 He didn’t talk as freely as other guys in the company and this made him even more endearing to the ladies. Then when you were ready to ask him if he was in any relationship, you found out that Jide was in an active courtship and will be wedding in the seven months! Not again. 

Why is it that all the people you thought would make the ideal spouse were all married? The ones you dream of having don’t seem to notice you; it is rather the unserious and not-too-desirable ones who keep pestering your life with marriage requests. I heard you say that all the nice men/women are married but it’s not true

All the good men/girls are married? 

There are still many nice men and women out there who will make the ideal partners you have been praying for .One very important thing to do is to stay where God will reach you whenever he comes. 

Do not stay where he will have to come and start asking “where are you?’ because he can no longer see the child he kept at a definite point to wait for Him. Keep on improving on all areas of your character and abilities so that you will be an asset to the man/woman when the time eventually comes. Do not despair or give up on God; He knows your thoughts and no matter what happens, he remains God and will never change. He knows the best for you. Surround Yourselves with Positive Christian Couples who share your convictions and who have had experience that may even be similar to yours.

 It will help and encourage you not to be heavy hearted. In truth, many single Christians have at one time experienced the same thing you shared. It is not wrong to feel that way as long as you were not lustful on any way. But one thing again is to take all your feelings about a brother or sister to God and allow him to lead. Do not allow the flesh to contaminate it else anything coming out of the eventual relationship, assuming it clicked, would be corrupted and no longer would be from above.

Fact is: God remains the best match-maker who knows everyone by name. He created both you and your future spouse and He knows who will suit you perfectly, even if the person does not look attractive physically. In the long run, you will realize that God was correct, and very correct.

Maybe you have not yet met the one that God wants you to marry. Do not allow anxiety or desperation to put you into a dating pressure cooker. Relax and trust God to bring success as you mature in Christ. Enjoy every stage of your Christian life. If single, enjoy singleness, keeping in mind that someday you will probably have far less free time with a spouse and possibly kids to love and care for.

“The Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest…..”---Psalm 

Has such ever happened to you? Please leave your comments in the box below.Kindly share widely.