Monday, 9 September 2013

Six Ways to Know the Answers to the Question, "Does My Husband Love Me?"


You may arrive at that moment when you start asking the question, "does my husband love me?" One of the reasons why you may question this is because not all men find it easy to show their emotions. They are known to be rational and strong and never emotional. Other reasons include failed relationships and a childhood filled with trauma. Here are seven ways to know if your spouse still loves you or not.

1. Check how your spouse treats you. If he talks to you respectfully and if he does not want to hurt your feelings, he is definitely still in love with you. Respect and concern are proofs of love.

2. Check the way your hubby treats you in front of people. If he treats you rudely, it can mean his feelings for you are waning. If he makes fun of you or belittles you, he no longer respects and thinks of you highly. A husband who loves his wife places her on a pedestal.

3. Count the number of times your husband speaks to you. See if he still calls or texts you when he is at work. If he checks up on you often, this means he is still concerned about you. If he has problems, he should confide in you. Constant communication with you is a good evidence of his love.

4. Assessing your sex life together will give you the answer to the question, "does my husband love me". If he wants to have sex with you but does not when he sees you are not in the mood, he still cares about you. At the same time, he should also be willing to have sex with you when you also desire it. This is because your happiness means a lot to him. Your sexual life together manifests your feelings and if it is still alive, you both love each other. Sex is a vital factor in a marriage. Men become more intimate and affectionate towards the women they love.

5. See how your husband expresses his feelings for you. If he does it often, be assured that he still loves you. If you feel he does not say it as frequently as he did before, tell him about it and teach him ways on how to do it. Discuss this with him open-mindedly so that he will know the ways to convince you of his love for you.

6. Check if your husband is making an effort to make your marriage work. He makes it a point to fix fights with you as he does not want these to escalate and turn into something big. Inform him too of the ways you wish to be loved. You should also inquire how he wishes to be loved back.

A marriage has its ups and downs and it can bring about doubts. In order to immediately know the answer to the question, "does my husband love me," you can ask him straight away at the right time and place.

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