Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Define Your Expectations For Better Relationships

Written by Dan Langerock  
You can also write a bunch of questions before you find someone and keep them in a
notebook. Pray about what you write, then let God find you the right person. This has happened in my life with two marriages. 

I knew within a week of meeting each person if they were the right ones to marry because I was listening to God and using His wisdom. The first wife I met in college and we were married 33 years. She died in 2008, and I remarried and moved to another state. We have been married almost 3 years now.

Once you get your list of questions and you have prayed about this subject, keep what you have written in mind. It
will help to guide you as you wait patiently for God to help you find the right person. Don't overwhelm people with your questions, but just subtly observe and ask them as the situation allows. Otherwise you will turn someone off if you act like you are on a quiz show or something. ha

Above all, trust God to help you with your search. If it doesn't happen right away, work on things in your life that could be a problem in a relationship like bad habits, upgrading your credit rating and finances etc. Take a look at Psalms 37:7a and Isaiah 40:31. God wants you to rest while you wait for Him to act in your behalf, not be restive and impatient.

When you think you have the right person, one way you can tell if they are the right one is if the relationship is peaceful rather than full of strife. Watch to see if you or the other one is holding back discussing sensitive subjects so you don't get surprises later on. God loves you and has the right person for you, but you have to trust Him and be patient or you may fall into a trap. God will help you just as He has helped me if you let Him and truly believe He will help you. God bless you in your search.