Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Does Facebook Really Break Up Homes Or Relationships?

Both online and offline it has been reported by thousands that facebook is a monster that has come to tear their home apart and cause broken hearts. Many women complain of their husbands getting hooked up online in some kind of relationship that has been difficult to explain. Men also complain that their wives have been taken away (emotionally) from them because of certain online interactions. In all these, the blame usually is placed at the steps of the social site-facebook,Twitter,Myspace,Youtube,Watsapp and the rest.

These people bring up arguments to support the motion that the social sites have come to do more harm than good. Others even claim that because of the seeming inherent danger in it, they have decided not to sign up for an account.

But, while not really condemning anyone’s opinion I wish to try in this piece to proffer some tips that will assist anyone who has found himself or herself in this kind of problem. First of all, I would like to say that facebook as an instrument or any other social site is not the problem with most people. Even in the absence of these sites, anyone who is prone to be unfaithful will still be.

You should try to check the kind of life your spouse was living before now. If any man has been faithful to you before the advent of the social media, he cannot change just because of some virtual relationships that most times end up just on that screen.

So if you think that your spouse is addicted to these social sites and it seems to be taking his or her heart away from you, then there is work to be done. You need to sit down and discuss the matter, just like you would do if you discovered such thing.

Christians take faithfulness seriously and any godly conscience knows the limit of what can be done even as regards online communication. We should also realize that the people you meet online are real and also that some posts you make are read by thousands and it can send a mixed message about who you are. If anything you post will suggest flirting or send some ambiguous message, then don’t post it.

 Make your views about certain issues especially, morality obvious to anyone who wishes to be your friend or send you a message. This will minimize the kind of unwanted or annoying messages you will receive, as most of such people will not bother to even connect to you.

 From the outset, do not give the devil any chance thinking that you are very strong and can withstand him. The social media is a very wonderful tool that has helped millions in the world to reconnect and also enjoy good and healthy relationship with others. The best invention in the world can be used to perpetrate the vilest act. In all, the problem is not the invention but the user.It is only the misuse that creates problems.