Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To Make Money With Your Internet Bundle.What You Should Do Online Now

Zoe Sugg
I was going through the internet this morning and I saw something that really touched me,and as the ER was still calm,I decided to do more research and write you this.And the purpose is simple:

Stop wasting your time and mobile data posting and reading rubbish when others are using the same time and data to better their lives.

Ever heard about the 24-year-old girl named Zoe Sugg? She is the young lady that just bought a $1.5M mansion in Brighton from money she made by doing useful things on the internet.
I guess you may never have heard that name.Never mind,just read on for some interesting stuff.

I will tell you more about her and other young guys/babes who know what to do with
their time online and with the same gadget you are reading this post from.

I do not think there is any of my friends who doesn't have a mobile phone.I also doubt if there's any who has no access to the internet by now,even if not regularly.Many of them use far more sophisticated smart phones and other super high tech gadgets that would make you feel like hiding your own under your feet.

I'm talking about the people I see as friends because I interact with them in some ways,either online or offline and we discuss issues.Now when I shift a little from my personal circle to the outer Nigeria,I can also safely say that millions of young people I and you know or see have their gadgets too and almost all have access to the internet.Some can stay there for hours everyday while others can only afford a few hours per week or month.In all,so many people have access to the internet and have devices to use.

What they do with their devices and the internet access is what makes the difference.My purpose of writing this short piece is to challenge you on all that you have been doing with your time and your gadget.How much time do you spend online and what do you do there?What has it benefited you?What profit have you made from that your mobile phone and that airtime or data bundle you recharge or subscribe every month?

Do you know that many of the world's youngest millionaires  made it through the internet(legally-not yahoo-yahoo BS),which is usually what comes to a Naija mind when you talk about internet cash.

Many ladies do not hesitate to recharge the BIS and their android data bundles every month but they are seldom aware of how much they spend on that recharge in 12 months.have you ever noted it? I don't know.just sit down and do a check.

Well enough of my rantings.

Lets go over to a curious list of some amazing kids(many of them younger than the last born in your family) who are truly 'breaking the internet',not by posting nude pictures or posting pornographic links like many folks do on facebook;but by doing simple things that you too can start today.

1.ZOE SUGG (aka Zoella)
My number one is Zoe Sugg,the beautiful girl at my intro.What does she do online that made her to be able to buy a house of 1.5 million dollars at 24 years?That's about three hundred million naira at our current exchange rate!
The 24-year-old made her name by creating make-up tutorials and offering shopping advice from her bedroom in Brighton.In the five years since she uploaded her first video, she has secured a two-book publishing deal, launched her own beauty range, landed a presenting gig on the BBC, and created one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world.

She is held in the same esteem as pop stars and actors by her young fans, who hang on her every word. Hmmmm? What do you do with your own make up,gele tying skills or even your beauty and fashion or any other knowledge you 've got?

Wanna see what she does?Check her website here:

Ashley Qualls


This young girl's story has fascinated me since i first heard it in 2009.Ashley was 14 years in 2004 when she launched her site called,where she simply designs cool customized myspace layouts(just like facebook page designs) for people.Traffic increased and by 2005,somebody offered to buy her site for 1.5 million dollars with any car of her choice but she now plays host to an estimated seven million visitors per month and continues to earn Ashley millions in advertising loot. She bought her own $250,000 home in Southgate, Michigan in 2006.

Did i tell you that she registered her domain name with only $8?,that is less than N1k by 2004 exchange rate.


This kid is the owner of The site, a pay-per-ad toolbar service, paid off big to the tune of $300,000–400,000 per month. Before he even graduated from high school, Cameron had amassed a net worth in combined assets estimated at $1 million. Cameron went on to sell the company name and software at age 19, but held onto the customer database he’d built up, leaving business options open to himself for the future.


Sean Belnick was intrigued at the idea of selling things online—so much so that, at the age of 14, he designed his own website to serve that very purpose. Having a startup budget of only $500 for advertising funds and $100 for web hosting fees, he began selling small items like Pokemon cards to get himself familiar with the process. Before long, he’d switched to selling office furniture on his new site,—a move that ended up earning him an estimated $24 million by the age of 20.

Asked if he felt he had the makings of an entrepreneur by way of blood, Sean said, “You have to have a desire to succeed and take risks to get there—it’s not for everyone. I love the excitement and the future growth prospects, as well as watching the company grow and prosper. You have to have ambitious goals.”
He now has over 75 employees who work for him, and is setting his sights on the $50 million mark.
Nick D'Aloisio


The day i watched the news of Nick's deal on CNN,I was glued to every detail of what he did and I kept asking myself,'what was I doing with my time?' Nick is 19 years this year,2015.He was born November 1,1995.He was a student and at his spare time he created an app called Summly which caught the attention of Yahoo and promptly made them pay a whooping $30 million  for it.

This made Nick one of the youngest self made millionaires in the world.This is what the young chap tells me and you especially all who have access to smartphones and internet.' “If you have a good idea, or you think there’s a gap in the market, just go out and launch it because there are investors across the world right now looking for companies to invest in.”

Start something today.Don't waste more time.


This guy had the ambition to create a million dollar company by the age of 21 and though he failed several times,he continued until he started Mobile Monopoly – an online course that taught people how to earn money by generating mobile marketing leads. He was able to sell this for a six-figure profit!.Listen to him,“If someone says, ‘There’s no way, you’ll never make money online, everything’s a scam online, blah blah blah,’ they’re lying. You don’t have to listen to what other people say—trust me, I went through that day-in and day-out with my friends and stuff. They did not believe that I could make money online, and then as soon as I did, I think their jaws dropped to the ground. So just go for it!” My ears are not wider than


Adam Hilderth is known for setting up a company called Dubit in 1999.His company called Dubit Limited, a ‘Youth Marketing Agency’, eventually became one of the most  popular websites in the UK. By 2005,Adam had made about $4million.He also created CrispThinking,an online Child Protection technology for ISPs.

Hilderth was worth £2m in 2004 and today, a 28 year old Hilderth’s net worth is £25m – making him the 23rd richest young person in the UK! It was also predicted that Hilderth would be worth £40m by 2020.

I have tried to include both male and female names here just to show you that success,even online has no age or gender barrier;it depends on what you want to do and how you intend to do it.Each one of us has his or her own unique talent and an edge over others in certain endowments.Look for your and make something out of it.

Did anyone tell you that you can make so much money from facebook,BBM,Whatsapp and with your email address?These things are real and very simple and legal but majority of us spend our time online chatting away and posting selfies.

Learn to live,love and impact your world.You cant do it by whiling away time on your smartphones and gadgets.
Your sincere efforts will surely pay off and you will be able to touch some lives someday.