Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wanna Be A Writer Of International Repute?

If You Have Ever Dreamed Of Writing That Best Seller;If You Have Ever Written Any Book or You Are Presently Writing,Then You Need To Listen Up!
 Creative writing is one of the most difficult human tasks. It becomes even more difficult when you hold down a 5 - 9 job. The words swoon, swirl, and have intercourse in your head. 
You can't capture them adequately. You decide to push them away till the night when you get home.
Alas, you are home, the intercourse has ended. You feel frustrated at the loss. You grit your teeth over the passionate appeal of the words that had evaporated. Some days, it's just better and easier to go hunting squirrels than to write.

However, there is a way out for you.

If you have the stirring within to grab a pen and enact ideologies spinning from your depth, then we have a brush for you to polish it to a fine finish.

FLOWING INK, a Masterclass for writers, holding in a Facebook group in the month of May is your best bet. 

 At the FLOWING INK MASTERCLASS ,these are what you are going to learn:
  •  You want to understand the psychology to become a legendary writer?
  • The guerrilla tactics of getting your books in the face of the right audience who will pay what your work is worth
  • Hot,tried and tested strategies you can employ to market your books and get the needed sales in no time
  • learn how to break the notion that marketing your books is hard work-you will learn the exact smooth tactics I personally have been using all along for my books
  • The winning social media strategies that have been working for us and which will continue to work
  • How to end the struggles of writing and then agonizing to sell your precious books
  • I am excited at the possibilities.
  • 4 modules. 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays in the month of May. FLOWING INK Masterclass will be the best experience writers will have this year.
  • You want to make your voice heard?
  • You want to utilize social media better as a writer and thought leader?
Enough questions asked.

This class is for you. 

Your chance to join this remarkable class expires next week Thursday, 30th of April, 2015.

To sign up, pay N20, 000 into GTBank, 0120774989,
Account Name:Profound Impacts International. 

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