Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Baby,It's Not What You Think

Why do men always use this line each time they are caught  redhanded? Why does love,well cherished love ,sometimes get rocked so deep that the vibrations threaten to,and sometimes splinter the foundation to pieces and smash sweethearts against the wall?
Who really are the "devils" that "force" people to cheat on someone who loves them so dearly? I hate it each time I hear those lines from someone,but then it continues to happen.
It's another weekend.
Welcome on board,let's roll together .....
And so Ikechukwu left for Guangzhou, China to arrange for the production of his  automobile spare parts of which he is a major marketer in the area.At 34 years,Iyke( as he was fondly called by friends) was ,by the standards in the East ,nay in all the zones of Nigeria,a made man,considering his age and what it takes to get to his level of comfort without any political affiliations to anything or any man.
A young guy,nicely endowed,whom chance and preparedness launched into
massive wealth at the prime of youth,obviously envied by peers as usually happens with such status.He is down to earth and has no love for much display of wealth like his peers,even though he has money more than many of them.
His wife,Nnenna,is simply adorable.
He drives a cute Honda Accord 2014 ,while his wife has a green Grand Cherokee jeep. She's studying for an MBA online,and hopes to bring in her knowledge into help build a business empire which her husband has already laid the foundation. Things are working well.
It wasn't his first time of going to China but, was his first time to stay this long on a business trip,and also the first time these things happened to him.
He safely landed and checked into his hotel room,where he'd stay for the period of his assignment. It was really a good time,though he still missed his wife and familiar environment.The sheer luxury,the ease with which almost anything you wanted came running to you,was indeed a desirable pleasure;It felt good and he relished it.
And so the girls were really shapely,moderately endowed and features proportionately set in their right areas.
They worked here and they walked in and out with such an aura that silently screamed 'I'm available if you want me'.
Outside Iyke's lodge,each time he goes out to stroll along and take in some fresh air they are there.And they also seem to recognize Nigerians guys and those who are 'loaded' too.
On several occasions he had looked at his ring and stroked the necklace Nnenna gave him on their wedding night.It worked each time as it instantly pulled in  powerful emotions in him that made him feel like Nnenna was right there staring into his eyes ,just like that wedding night.Goose bumps.And he'd usually say a prayer against such sexual .temptation.
Iyke had wondered how it is that even after marriage to such a lovely lady,he'd still be tempted to look for sexual pleasure outside; he couldn't understand it.He couldn't believe that it was indeed possible.
Then on that cold Saturday evening ,after he had come back from the days supervisions and taken some cereals with a glass of wine,and was simply relaxing.
The large screen TV on the wall flashed a thousand and one channels at the click of a button.He had the remote control and was soon rambling between channels until he landed on a certain fashion channel. Beauty pageant,with scandalously dressed girls paraded the screen. He stopped and watched awhile.Soon he migrated on,and soon landed on a hot romance scene of a movie,that left nothing to the imagination. He stopped.His heartbeat quickly increased as he kept gazing at the lewd scenes.He could feel his heart thumping hard.It was time to switch off or switch to another channel but he was glued.
He got engrossed and became absent minded.
Just then, the intercom by his bedside rang.
He reached out of his enshrouding thick and beautifully designed blankets and grabbed the handset ."Hello,room E208?" ,was the enquiry from the other end.The voice was charming,gentle and perceptibly kind.
"Yes",he said.
"Ok.reception. Just calling to know if you are ok and if your internet signal complaint has been rectified,and if you needed anything."
"Yes.No problems.It's fine now"
"Ok.Enjoy your sleep,then"
"Thank you " .The line died but he held the handset as if he wanted that voice to continue ringing or,rather to switch to some sweet and endearing romantic nothings. The scene was gone but it was stuck already,very clearly in fine details.
Bam!! Thus silently,unnoticeably began the drumbeats that many men and women had willingly danced from their secret places into the open,where their eyes really opened to behold whose beats they'd been enjoying and who's been dictating the sweet tune that usually turned deadly.
His heart began to beat faster.The palpitations were thumping at such rate and with such force,it seemed like a person standing close to him could hear it.
His hands trembled and the palms got moistened so quickly,he even felt it in his body.His blood was cruising at full speed right through all the systems and which had all his vessels in full dilatations.Adrenaline poured certainly in in torrents  and the cascade had begun.
His mind wasn't able to move from what he was already piecing together-the action,the pleasure,the novelty,the release and possible intensity of the satisfaction this act would bring him.
His whole body was now at full alert as he was already consenting,and he decided to dial that number again.Just one dial and request and a pretty lady would be in that room in less than 30 minutes,and all his imaginations would become reality. They were in town for business.
He was thousands of miles away from home.No witchcraft,whether black,white or coloured magic powers could ever be able to make anyone at home know what he did,or what he'd continue to do as he lasted in this foreign land..It'd be a secret he'd die with unless he decided to confess and aferall,the only person he could confess to was a priest who would rather die than disclose what he heard from him.
It was a rare opportunity to explore to the farthest and to the highest;to taste as many "varieties" as he wanted and to try whatever his imagination could mould.
Then he let his mind wander; he loosened his mind and let it roam deeply into that wilderness of sexual lust and fantasies ,that free zone where everything is possible. That wide fantastic expanse filled with nothing but wild thoughts and emotions, in which you unconsciously frolic in the aloneness and the possibilities, but which usually hits hard at the conscience when it awakens- if  that conscience had been properly nurtured.
He could almost see the lady stepping in and up to him and almost.....
Goose pimples as every hair stood in response.His whole senses were at full alert and his mind was made up to commence action;his chairman under those floppy night dress was almost jumping out as it had stood at full attention like a german soldier waiting for the next command to plunge into the nearest available orifice. Of course it is totally blind and doesn't discriminate. It doesn't know its rightful owner from a stranger,black from white,long or short; it has not religion.It obeys command faithfully each time.it doesn't even discriminate between sane and mad persons. It enters anywhere it is directed.
The chairman when annoyed doesn't respect anointing.Ask the gospel generals who had been felled and they'd tell you the truth.Don't negotiate with sexual temptations.Simply take off if you don't want to be sorry.
He was fiddling with his keys and reached in his left hand ,absentminded but actually his mind was very busy,deep in fantasies.
A gentle knock on the door! He didn't hear. The knock came louder and this time he jerked like someone who suddenly returned from some astral travel.
Confused.Dreamy.Disturbed,almost possessed.
Yes,possessed by lust which he allowed into his mind.He suddenly dropped the handset and that's when he realised that he hadn't even locked his door. "Come in",he hollered.
Business was soon over and the next flight on Tuesday by British Airways took him on a very memorable journey down to NAI Airport ,Abuja. Stepping into the arrival lounge, a moderately built lady shot up from her sitting position and was full of smiles .She had a cute baby strapped in a pram and was heading towards him but he didn't seem to have noticed.
She was dark in complexion,in her late 20s or early 30s,pretty by all standards and she looked very friendly.Her name was Nnenna and she was Ike's wife.
He had seen her but,for the first time since they got married,she'd never seen her husband so emotional.She pushed the pram to a safe distance,halted and spread her hands wide; Iyke did so too as they hurriedly advanced toward each at an almost programed or some automated pace and then the tiny shriek of ecstacy from Nnenna as they swiftly reached and locked up tight in each other's embrace.And for a few seconds that seemed like an eternity,they stood there,swirling and swinging in each other's arms like some chorister do at the cathedral.Seemed like they  were glued to each other by some invisible force. Iyke didn't seem to want to let go,and he held her tighter and was trembling.
Grace noticed that her husband was actually crying.They finally ,calmly pull apart and reached for the closest couch.
"No,no,no,no baby get up,get up let's go.We'll talk at home."
Nnenna drove her husband home and was visibly shaking on the wheel.What happened to her husband? Was he scammed? Was there any loss of goods or....? She didn't want to talk much,just wanted to concentrate and get home safely.
Iyke The Don 2012"
"Marvelous Nnenna Weds Lovely Iyke"
That was the inscription boldly emblazoned on their wedding invitation card.It happened just three and half years ago.
#CHEATING in relationships is always a deliberate action.There is always time to decide what you want to do.No matter how people try to paint it as if sex has some Almighty power that cannot be defeated when it comes,it's all lies.
#EVEN at the most intense passion,there is usually a very Lucid moment in which a definite decision is made,either to withdraw or to go ahead with your evil and damn the consequences.
#CHEATING on your partner or SEX doesn't happen by CHANCE, it is a well planned activity and the time of planning could be from 5 seconds to 6 months.
What is your take on this issue?
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Love - Like you've never loved before
Impact- Someone positively today