Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I Know Courage When I See It

".......that homeless kid,who chose to go to school and do her homework under the streetlight.....now ,that's courage"
That homeless Naija kid I saw on my street,who instead of joining a gang,was out in the fields,trudging for miles through the sun and the rain with his younger brother,carrying a heavy sack on his back,with dirty clothes ,picking aluminum foils and metal scraps to sell and get themselves some of the things other privileged kids had....and maybe give some to their poor mom too...That's courage.
That young girl who,despite her social handicap, refused to sell her body at night along Opebi Allen,Awka Road, Presidential road and ,instead sells micro stuffs to her colleagues on campus to support herself and still maintain her academic pace with other mates.....That's called courage.
That poor woman who despite the bad roads,treks for kilometers from the hinterlands to sell her vegetables and other farm products in the city,just to ensure that her two kids left for her by their deceased dad,completed their secondary school...
..I call it courage.

That African speaking up for equal rights for all;that European standing with the oppressed minority people of colour despite threats and insults;that lady battling cancer ,asthma,sickle cell disease and still living up and impacting others;that person in my neighborhood whose skin is getting depigmented by vitiligo;the young man who's now living with HIV because he dared to help save a life in a ghastly auto crash along a lonely path...As they all smile through the pain,as they look into our eyes and attempt to convey hope and strenght......It is defined as courage.
That young girl who was raped by some unknown beast of a man and who despite threats of abandonment from her parents and ridicule from colleagues swore to keep the pregnancy of the young boy who's now in elementary 4....She's my definition of the courageous. She's lionhearted.
The Nigerian candidate who was refused admission into the university because she refused to bribe her way through;that student who failed because he refused to buy certain illegal materials from the lecturer,the young girl who repeated a class because she refused to go to that hotel with Mr Professor lecturer......Now That's courage.
Those youths who refused to bribe their way through and several times lost big opportunities ,and became the object of scorn from family and friends ,still standing for truth and integrity;those folks who have refused to falsify their age,who have refused to swear uncountable affidavits to alter their age and remain in service when their kids and grand kids are out of school,roaming unemployed....I call it courage.
The definition hasn't changed and you can't change it,no matter what you do;no mater what the media do,I'm not changing because I know courage when I see one
Those privileged men and women who leave their families, the comfort and ease and of their country to help the less developed fellows in the third world communities,always battling difficulties, sometimes harsh weather conditions and diseases;I know some of them and have been with them as they try to put a smile on faces....aren't they the courageous?
For a certain group of homosapiens to define as courageous and deserving of a "COURAGEOUS AWARD",a certain Caitlyn Jenner  man who had married,had kids, grandkids and went for surgery to look like a woman by wearing make ups,and artificial features, is a bastardization of that virtue.
Meanwhile,the guy still has his "prick and blokos" completely intact.For what na?(I wonder what he's still gonna do with em.)Do women have it?
As the world continues to legalize illegalities,normalize the abnormal and try to redefine all we ever knew,at least there are still things I hold dear to be true and unalterable, and will stand up for until I die.
This is to all the true courageous men and women all over the world.
My most profound respects.
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