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I Slept With Many People In Your Fellowship(1)

Dada is from Kogi state.He was a final year student of Microbiology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka ,Anambra state when he met Collins Ekwe.
Collins was a nice guy,good looking and smart, though he was brash sometimes and also stammers.He usually wore a pair of  reflective sunglasses that made him look like the former military head of state- general Sanni Abacha; some friends called him that each time he wore the stuff.
He belonged to the Charismatic group of  the school chaplaincy,Anambra state University,Igbariam campus.

He wasn't the showy type and anyone who wasn't  close to him wouldn't realize how spiritual he was.He always led his prayer group to private retreats at the monastery, sometimes fully financed by himself or with little input from his prayer group members.His dad was a major distributor for coca cola and Nigeria mineral water industries.
It was on their way back from one of the retreats as their car broke down along Onitsha-Enugu express way that he met Dada,whose own truck had broken down and was been repaired by a mechanic.

They had three cars and one Nissan truck.
In the usual male introduction pattern,they soon became friends and found out they could relate well,even though they seemed to had different beliefs about a couple of things.
Collins introduced to him again the need to give his life to Jesus and promised to keep in touch. It was always part of his conversations.

Dada's group all wore same dress pattern(all blue designer denim) and seemed to be coming from one of those "cult meetings" .He sounded very confident and could convince you or sway you to his side of almost any argument. He was from a moslem background; his dad married 3 wives-two were Moslems and one-Dada's mom was Christian. 

So his family was a mix of Christian and moslem,but it wasn't an issue for any of them. Hence it wasn't anything unusual when he began to nurse some Christian sentiments as he became friends with Collins.
He told Collins that they weren't any secret group,they were just a group of like minded guys who had gone out for picnic and to discus business over the weekend.The had high powered business connections and contacts and almost all were into some type of business or the other,even as students.
After that day,collins shuttled between Igbariam and Awka most weekends to minister to Dada,and encourage him on the way back to church and life in Christ but it wasn't easy. Dada was a ladies' man and had them as he liked.He had confessed to him.
On May,17 Collins invited him to accompany him to a special mass(a program at Awka),which he was to attend from Igbariam.
Dada had a hard time accepting;he confessed to  Collins that he wasn't fit or comfortable been in that church as there were girls he wouldn't want to see.
"See,Collins the last time I attempted going there,I didn't feel very well and I don't want to feel that way again"
"Please Dada,come off it.what's the issue? Just tell me.Are you owing anybody there or are you possessed?" He said smiling.
Dada also smiled and looked Collins in the face.

" Truth is,I have slept with a couple of those girls in that place you are inviting me to.I don't really know how they feel so comfortable clapping and singing while some of them are still my friends and things still happen each time they come here.....it was during their harvest thanksgiving bazaar that I went there which,to me was like a social stuff,so I moved about as I liked and soon I became uneasy seeing some of them there,I left.I'm still not at home with all this your Jesus stuff" He gesticulated as he spoke.
They spoke for a while,Dada consented to come for the special mass.They shook hands,hugged and soon Collins was on his way back to base.
Time was 3pm.Mass commenced 5pm.They were in Dada's house early and would go from there. Cynthia had called earlier that she was coming to see Dada same Friday but had been told that he wasn't staying home. The guys watched some programs on TV while they waited for time to start heading to the venue.
They turned off the TV,stood up and were almost at the door when someone knocked on the door. 
" Who's there? Come in please"  
The door slide open and Cynthia stood before the two guys. Cynthia was Collin's friend and almost could swear that Cynthia knew no man yet!.They have been in a relationship for about 3 months now and Collins believed and hoped it would blossom into a lasting one.
He had to maintain a calm countenance because of his friend and prospective disciple,Dada, who obviously noticed a certain level of uneasiness in the silence that came suddenly as Cynthia stepped into the room. 
"Collins,meet my friend Cynthia;Cynthia this is my good friend ,Collins Ejiofor from ASU,Igbariam campus"
Silence again.
Then he managed to quickly control himself as he responded,
" Yea.I know Cynthia.She's my friend too,we attend same fellowship"
He was surprised but didn't want to show it. Cynthia was in the band group and sang well too.
Program was soon over and only the two guys could rejoin again at home as Cynthia stayed back for other issues in her group.
"You see what I have been telling you now.Even if I have to accept what you are telling me,how am I going to be staying in the same place with those girls.I'm afraid I ll still be sleeping with them. 

That Cynthia girl only stopped coming to my house about 3 months ago but we still speak on phone.I don't know why she suddenly started to avoid me"
"Did you sleep with her also?" Queried Collins.
" Several times, I can't even count.See,I'm not good,but I'm not a thief and I don't kill people.I also do not touch married women.That's why I tell you that I'm not yet fit for this your accept Jesus thing"
Collins couldn't describe the medley of feelings rushing through him at that moment.He seemed to be dreaming or in a different world.Here he was fighting a serious battle.
He was fighting between anger at Cynthia and also the clear fact that a fertile soul was before him,in need of the saving power of Jesus who has already prepared him and was using Collins as the instrument.

 He knew deep down in his heart that his meeting with Dada wasn't just another coincidence and he knew that he had before him a crucial decision to.make- either to pursue a soul for God and forget a personal relationship issues with Cynthia,which he could decide to settle afterwards (though he had no clue how or what he was going to do yet)
He was already having a one sided headache and looked confused and withdrawn.
"Dada,please can I have a glass of cold water?"
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