Monday, 28 March 2016

Instagram Is Changing;How It Will Affect You


I was going through Facebook today and came across a friend’s lamenting about Instagram, It made me to search and see for myself what’s actually happening. 


Instagram recently dropped the news that it will be adapting a non-chronological newsfeed order, similar to its big brother, Facebook. Instead of sorting posts in a familiar linear order, the new algorithm will weigh in a variety of social signals, such as a number of post engagements.

 It will also consider content you liked before in an attempt to sort images in the order of “relevancy,” or as what Instagram perceives to be of most interest to you.I read a friends update on Facebook today,as they were lamenting the changes that the popular social media platform-Instagram has done is affecting them. i kept asking how.

They complained that their links are no longer visible and it seemed that Instagram wanted users to pay before they could post live links.Maybe that was their understanding but i needed to get to the roots of the issue.Here it is.

 Many Instagram users are furious about the company's new update. Here's why they shouldn't be Since inception, the massively popular photo-sharing app served up users’ friends’ images in chronological order.

But Instagram will soon begin using an algorithm to predict which photos its users are mostly likely to like. Those pictures will then appear higher in their feeds. (The system doesn’t have a release date but is being selectively tested.)

This may sounds like relatively a minor shift, but many diehard Instagram users are upset by the idea. Emotions, as they are want to do online, range from annoyance to outrage: Some prolific Instagrammers are going so far as to ask their followers to be notified every time they upload a new image: Will the change actually hurt Instagram? Probably not.

Facebook, the world’s biggest social network (and Instagram’s owner since 2012), has long used an algorithm to serve up content it thinks users will be more interested in. Changes to Facebook’s newsfeed—what users see when they log in—used to illicit similarly strong objections but, lately, fewer seem to mind. And the change hasn’t dinged Facebook’s growth—a billion people check the site every day. 

The same will betrue of Instagram’s update. Some of the app’s 400 million users will undoubtedly be annoyed by the “new Instagram.” But it’s likely they will accept the shift, if begrudgingly. There is just too much good content on the platform to give up on it. Instagram’s change is still in what a spokesperson characterized as a “testing period.” The company will not offer an opt-out during that period, which he added will last “weeks, or even months.”

Instagram’s claim that the average user misses 70 percent of their friends’ photos rings true to me. That’s unfortunate. I would rather see all of my friends’ posts, even if out of order, rather than miss them entirely.
I suspect many other Instagram users feel the same—even if they’re not being quite as loud about the change.

For me ,I think we just have to watch out and see how it all goes.Instagram is a cool platform already loved by millions and they know it.Any review of the app,I’m certain would be to enhance user satisfaction.
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