Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rwanda Closes Genocide Mourning Week Today,Honors Fallen Heros

Twenty-two years ago on this very day, Adelphine Mukabayizere was a normal six-year old girl, enjoying the love of her parents and her seven siblings in Rusizi District (then known as Commune Kamembe) in the Western Province.
By the time that the fastest genocide in history ended one hundred days later, after the Rwandan Patriotic Front defeated the genocidal government of the time, Adelphine had lost her father, a brother and two sisters.

Full story about Adelphine can be found HERE
The official Kwibuka22 Commemoration Week (7-13 April) closed today with a ceremony at one of the many Genocide Memorial site.CLICK HERE to see some of the memorial sites in Rwanda where thousands of Tutsis were buried.
Over 14,000 victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi are buried there, including 12 politicians who were killed for standing against the genocidal government in 1994. 

 While the official Week of Mourning concluded today, Kwibuka22 continues until 4 July 2016 – Liberation Day.
The politicians buried at Rebero Genocide Memorial include:
– Landouard Ndasingwa (Liberal Party)
– Charles Kayiranga (Liberal Party)
– Jean de la Croix Rutaremara (Liberal Party)
– Augustin Rwayitare (Liberal Party)
– Aloys Niyoyita (Liberal Party)
– Venantie Kabageni (Liberal Party)
– Andre Kameya (Liberal Party)
– Frederic Nzamurambaho (PSD President and Agriculture Minister)
– Felicien Ngango (PSD)
– Jean Pierre Mushimiyimana (PSD)
– Faustin Rucogoza (MDR)
The mourning period was closed on April the 13th, but activities of keeping in mind genocide victims are going on. Planned activities include cleaning memorial sites and making the burial activities.

Many sectors have planned their own ceremonies accordingly and each is special in their own way.
Others include institutions, and the other sectors who will go on holding the burial ceremonies on various dates.
All these activities need support to be well accomplished. All communities and Rwandan residents in general are called to offer their support in order to keep remembering genocide victims by avoiding genocide forever.

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