Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Costly Assumptions In Relationships

  • Do not assume that he does not bother about your past or that it doesn’t matter. Tell everything at the appropriate time.
  •  Do not marry a person with some obvious flaws you cannot live with and from which you cant see any sign of change. Do not marry someone to change him or her.(how easily have you changed yourself?)
  •  Do not place your values on only external qualities like shape,beauty, complexion, intelligence etc. These things can fade with time. Think about the inner qualities of the person.
  •  Do not think that every courtship must end in marriage. If you are sure it is not working, have the courage to discuss it and separate before its too late.
  •  Do not think that sex or pregnancy can hold or ''hook'' a man for you.
  •  Do not try to seduce him in your dressing and other behaviours; you will be the one to regret it at last. Be modest and he will desire you more because he sees value in you.
  •  Do not force yourself on any man, your respect is important and you earn it by your calm attitude and self confidence.

  • Do not act like a man to prove any point; you don’t need it to get his attention.