Sunday, 11 August 2013

Is There Any Difference Between Movie Love And Reality?

There are a whole lot of differences between the love we see in real life and what is shown in the TV and other media. The truth is that many people especially the young ones who view these clips do not understand it. 

They simply swallow the entire warped logic as truth and begin to act in line with what they see, and usually many of them have been burned badly.

Some adults are also victims but may not tell it openly.
 One of the most serious areas of importance is the way sex and relationships are presented in the media.

Casual Sex is made to appear as the apex of human pleasure and also very harmless. They are made to believe they can just have sex with anybody anytime and get away with it. Love is interpreted to mean sex. They present a picture of a perfect relationship without problems. They show a perfect family without the headache of childbirth and raising of children—which is a very formidable challenge in a marriage relationship.

This has led many youths to go ahead with experimenting with sex. Many teenagers either got pregnant or contracted STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). In some instances, abortion has been involved with the consequential deep emotional trauma it causes both victim and family. 

No matter the reason for abortion or any adduced logic, the woman is never fully at peace with the thought of having terminated the life of her own baby. Ask them.

Movie love concentrates on ephemerals:
  • Beauty
  • Body build(physical shape, figure, voice and eye colour)
  • Status  especially ,fame-celebrity
  • Money
  • Material acquisitions(cars, houses, clothes)
Even when they try to present what seems like real love it is always too construed or twisted and mixed with so much artificiality that that it becomes almost perfect. Perfect circumstance to love someone does not exist. That is why love demands a lot of sacrifice because a lot has to be improvised to make it work.

 It takes time to develop, but TV love can start immediately and reach pyrexic level in a few hours. They called it ‘’loves at first sight’’. 

It will help us and the future generation much if we start today to give out a balanced presentation of love and what true love actually is. Let them know that LOVE is a whole country and sex is only a tiny village, in that country called love. Sex without commitment (in marriage arrangement) will always lead to heart break or something worse.
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‘’True love doses not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth’’—1 Cor 13:6