Monday, 14 October 2013

Ladies: Do You Still Make These Deadly Mistakes?

Today I will like to talk about some very deadly mistakes that some women make which has kept them in a very pitiable condition. 

These mistakes have caused many of them their lives and in event where life is not lost, the heart is often seriously broken.

 And when a woman’s heart is broken, it reverberates and even though she is quiet and simmering inside, she can pour it out on a future partner in marriage even after many year.(that is those who make these mistakes and still lucky enough to marry-if marriage was on their mind).

·         Mistakes make many girls to remain unmarried till this hour.
·         Many are sick physically and
·         Many are emotionally and psychologically disorganized. 

But I know that many girls reading this piece will disagree and continue to fantasize about a life they want to live, but which will remain elusive because of the way they are pursue it. Do not be one of the statistics. You have the right to be happy.
The aim here is to warn and also o help those who can follow the simple instructions to find true love and enjoy eternal happiness. If you are ready, let’s roll….

1.Asking A Guy For Sex---many girls think that asking a guy for sex will make him think that you are being real and that you are daring and want to tell him how much you care. Some also think that it will make him to like her more. But most times it is seen as a sign of waywardness. You should not ask a guy for sex especially one who is not your husband. In a marriage arrangement, it is even wrong for a man to wait until his wife asks for it. Make yourself a priceless lady by keeping your legs and breast away from whoever says he loves you. Leave everything to imagination so you will know if he is serious.

2. Abortion---many girls have taken the lives of babies in their womb with the pretext or false excuse that it is not yet human. You somehow forget that you also started in your mothers womb like that-that at a point in your development, you were just like that ‘’thing’’ you claim is not human. What if you mom claimed that ‘’you’’ were not yet human? This is a very deadly mistake that has not only a physical repercussions but also emotional effect. Many are sterile today because of abortion. Others have gone through some debilitating medical conditions. Many women afterwards will always recall that they aborted their own babies. The trauma is not worth experiencing. Avoid it.

3. Relationship Because Of Status---many ladies go into a relationship just because they want to maintain a status of the person they secretly admire. Remember that status can change and you may have gone some distance with this person and done some things you would not be happy recalling. Status should not be your aim but happiness and integrity. Celebrity status does not guarantee your happiness and stability in marriage. We can say this as is daily seen in the life of some celebrities even here, at home. You should love someone for the intrinsic qualities and not for what the person has.Your happiness should come first and not what people will say.

4. Following To Belong/FriendsYou have your life to live. You should stand on your feet as a girl and know that you have no obligation to anybody. Many girls act as if they are remote-controlled. They behave like puppets being pulled in every direction by friends. They follow whatever trend is in vogue and can seldom refuse anything their friends suggested. They instantly get into a relationship because their friends teased them about being a lone ranger. These friends will not be there when you re hurt. So my girl be wise.

5. Following For MoneyMoney can buy thousands of external things but cannot really buy happiness and peace. Going into a relationship for money is a very wrong attitude that forgets to realise that money can be exhausted. They also forget that most of these guys who immediately start spending lavishly on you may as well lack true love, and will not have any long term intention for you, which is what most girls want in a nice relationship. They have also been spending on others like that. most times too girls fail to realise that many guys see them as the same once they have slept with them, and that’s why you are asked not to give sex in a relationship outside marriage commitment. Not giving sex alone has worked magic for thousands of girls. Yes more than what you think your sexual expertise can do for you. You are only giving him more experience. The much you did for him was to give him more things to talk about with his friends. How would you feel to realise that the guy was just happy telling his friends how good you were and that you are ‘’a whore?’’Many guys do this! You cannot impress him into any lasting commitment by your goodness in bed.Please know it today and stop.

6. Cohabitationsome girls think that moving in with the guy makes it easier and more certain that the guy will marry her. This erroneous assumption has continued to be believed by ladies! Several studies carried out In the USA among thousands of couples who cohabited for several years showed that it did not improve their chances of marriage. In fact most of them did not eventually marry. And the worst aspect is the psychological trauma of giving yourself wholly to someone and then the rejection or realization that you were so close but could not measure up to each other. Then think about what people will say about you, all those who have been seeing you together for all these years hoping you were going to marry. It also reduces or kills your chances of getting a good husband because most genuine potential mates who saw you with this guy will simply walk away. In most cases they had gone ahead to marry, had kids while the cohabiting girls was yet to marry, and may even be kicked out only to be seen by such guys as still being single.Cohabiting with a guy is crazy desperation. Avoid it.

7. ’’Hooking’’ /coercing A Guy into Marriage--many girls still erroneously believe that getting pregnant for a guy will keep him trapped into marriage with you. Study and experience have all shown that it is not true. Both sex and babies cannot keep a guy for you. Even if you had 10 children for him, he can still decide to marry another woman. He may be interested only in the children and may even be providing for their upkeep but would not live with you as his wife. Do not try to hook a guy by luring him to get you pregnant, so that his people will force him to marry you.I even wonder the kind of happiness you will have knowing that you forced a  man to marry you.Ask those who did it and they will tell you what it feels like. Avoid it.
If you avoid these things and follow the opposite of all the wrong attitudes here, your results will surprise you. I LOVE YOU.

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