Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Why Am I Still Single?

Tessy graduated with first class honours from the University of Texas 5 years ago. She has a good paying job and simply lacks nothing. Most of her mates are almost all married now and she seems to be the only one remaining.
Tessy confided in Julie, that though she was unmarried and wanted to, she was somehow afraid of getting married because she feared that her freedom will be gone. 

That was when they were still in school. She had suitors coming in droves then, but she was scarred, as she said.Tessy is wiser and more mature now, ready to marry now. She has her own
well-furnished apartment a but they are not coming like before. The ones that come now are not the kind of men she would want to settle down with. 
She seems even desperate to settle down with any man that ‘’she can find’’, and with her money she could do that but, the fear is still there. She almost fell into a deep trouble if not for the timely intervention of Julie. 

She almost nearly got married to a man she thought was a believer, but later was seen to be a chronic drunkard and drug addict. Now she feels that Many Christian singles at a time get so nervous and anxious that they take up certain unchristian attitudes and philosophies in order to get out of singleness. 

singleness is not a curse.
 It can even be a blessing and a period full of fun if only one has the understanding to enjoy this ‘’free time’’ before the right person comes along. The single Christian should avoid anxiety.
  • Christian singles, especially ladies should know that men look for humility and self confidence in a mate. They can also sometimes detect if a woman is desperate and if not a real man, he might take advantage of you in that situation and back out, leaving you as devastated as ever.
  • Some single ladies do not know that they are keeping men from coming close by the way the act. Men will always make advances; they will always like to tell you that they admire you, though many will be mere trifles. Be accommodating but firm with men especially when they try to harass you sexually in comments or any other way.
  • Do not give the impression that you are cheap. Many men will just do or say certain things to test your integrity and many girls fail this test. Some bosses/executives have married their secretaries and even office girls of very low social status because they discovered firmness and integrity in them, while other have fired some ladies just for accepting to sleep with them. Others were still sacked even after giving their bodies to these executives! What a tragedy.
  • Always appear smart and well kept.Your apparels must not be expensive,if you cannot afford them.But when you cannot,simply get yourself whatever nice stuffs you can afford. Simplicity is the secret of smart appearance and everyone likes simple and well groomed ladies.
  • You do not need to flout your boobs or behind to attract men to you. If you do or you are tempted to do so, then do not complain if you attract only the play boys who will see you as thing to be enjoyed and dropped. Those that will come your way will not be serious, even if they appear so.
  • Do not also go looking for men rather; wait.It is the man who will naturally look for a wife. The kind of men you are looking for know where to find you. If you believe in God, he will bring you together.
  • Determine to not give room for anxiety. Pray instead and continue doing what God has told you to do. He will bring your man your way when He is done making him for you.
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not lean on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and He shall direct your paths’---Proverbs 3:5
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